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Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies - High-Potent 500mg ACV


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Clauson Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar edibles are a delicious chewy alternative to traditional harsh-tasting liquid Apple Cider Vinegar. 

A tasty and convenient edible way to consume the recommended daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar while still receiving all the classic benefits of traditional ACV in a yummy gummy form.  

With 60 gelatin-free gummies in a bottle, Clauson Naturals chewables are packed full of organic apple cider vinegar and contain superfoods like chili pepper and gut health-boosting ginger root.  A  touch of maple syrup and plenty of natural apple flavor is added to naturally sweeten the deal.   

Clauson Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are gelatin-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free; Halal and Kosher; vegan friendly; contain no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners; and are made using locally sourced ingredients in small batches in a GMP-certified facility.  Our product is proudly made in the USA.  

Used for centuries in cooking and medicine and considered a superfood, Apple Cider Vinegar is thought to have many natural, healthful properties, including antioxidant effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar offers many historical notable benefits and helps promote and support the following:*

  • boost the immune system
  • increase energy levels
  • detoxification and cleansing of the body
  • healthy digestion
  • lower cholesterol
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce heart risk
  • regulate body and skin PH levels
  • improve hair and nail growth
  • improve complexion
  • lower inflammation
  • weight loss and management
  • relieve and reduce bloating 

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger Extract, Cane Sugar, Glucose, Water, Citrus Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural Apple Flavoring, Black Carrot Extract, Spirulina Extract and Turmeric Extract), Ginger Extract, Maple Syrup, Chili Pepper.


*Product and Statement have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

We recommend taking 2 ACV gummies a day or as directed by a healthcare professional.  We recommend not taking more than 8 gummies in a 24 hour period. 

We recommend taking them first thing in the morning but you can eat the gummies at any time of the day, together or separate, with or without food!

If you are pregnant, nursing, allergic, have a medical condition, or are taking medications, consult a doctor before using this or any other dietary supplement.  Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. 


Store at room temperature.

Apple Cider Vinegar is the fermented juice of crushed apples and water.  This fermentation occurs by adding yeast to the apple juice, which turns the sugar in the juice into alcohol.  Bacteria turn the alcohol into acetic acid.  That's what gives vinegar its sour taste and strong smell. In addition to acetic acid, it contains citric acid, many nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, as well as dietary fiber.   

DETOX, CLEANSE, and BOOST ENERGY:  Helps with the removal of toxins from the body and boosts the immune system leaving you feeling more energized and less bloated.

DIGESTIVE SUPPORT:  Packed full of probiotics, ACV helps regulate the digestive track and can increase feelings of fullness and promote weight loss by improving metabolism, reducing fat storage, burning fat, and aiding in constipation.

HEALTHIER SKIN, HAIR, and NAILS:  Apple Cider Vinegar is naturally acidic and has antimicrobial properties.  Helps rebalance the natural PH of the skin, hair and nails. 

HEART HEALTH:  lower blood pressure and help reduce cholesterol

MANAGE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS:  ACV is known to reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin function.

At Clauson Naturals, the integrity and quality of our product are of utmost importance.  If our customer is not happy, we are not happy.



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you suffer any of the following side effects such as nausea, cramps or heartburn please stop taking immediately. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Clauson Naturals are  not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice. Please always consult your health care provider if you are taking any medications or have any medical condition. Individual results may vary.