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4oz Hand Sanitizer Gel Grab and Go

Grab & Go Hand Sanitizer Gel 4oz - 24 units 4oz Gel with Easy Flip Cap


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Shield yourself from germs and bacteria naturally with our plant-based hand sanitizer gel on the go with our convenient one hand easy flip cap.

Infused with Aloe Vera, Clauson Naturals 4oz hand sanitizer gel will help keep hands instantly clean and germ-free while leaving them feeling hydrated, moisturized, and refreshed.

  • 99.9% effective at killing germs
  • Formulated with 70% Ethyl Alcohol and Aloe Vera
  • Vegan
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Made in the USA in a white glove, OTC/FDA registered lab in small batches, and always tested for your protection.
  • 24 units per case

Refill your empty bottles with our One Gallon Hand Sanitizers.


Place enough product on hands to cover all surfaces of both hands.

Rub hands together, covering all surfaces of both hands, including between your fingers and up around your fingertips and nails, until completely dry to allow your hands to completely absorb the product. 

Allow to air dry without wiping. 

Supervise children in the use of this product. Not for consumption. 

Able to be used on surfaces, however, it is critically important to use enough of the disinfectant and give it time to work.  When using on surfaces, it is recommended to use enough for the treated surface to remain visibly wet.  Let surface air dry, do not wipe off.  

Clauson Naturals antibacterial Hand Sanitizer is a convenient alternative to soap and water, and is prepared in small batches under sanitary conditions in the USA in an FDA registered and OTC licensed facility, and in accordance with the CDC, USP, FCC, and FDA recommendations and guidelines.  Clauson Naturals responsibly sources and uses only the highest quality of ingredients and materials.

Clauson Naturals disinfectant Hand Sanitizer contains 70% ethyl alcohol as its main reagent, and is infused with Aloe Vera to help keep hands feeling moisturized and soft.  In addition, there have been no additional ingredients added that may impact the quality and potency of the alcohol-based hand rub. 

Each batch of Clauson Naturals antimicrobial handrub is analyzed and tested for verification of alcohol content in samples of the finished product before each batch is released for distribution.

Clauson Naturals antibacterial Hand Sanitizer is formulated to be used in pump, pour or spray bottles.   It works for hands and surfaces.  It can be sprayed or rubbed on surfaces in public restrooms, gyms, restaurants, playgrounds, cars, planes, trains, shopping carts, door handles, and more. 

At Clauson Naturals, the integrity and quality of our product are of utmost importance.  If our customer is not happy, we are not happy.  


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